Who the hell is Cis?

“Cis” is named after Jane’s Great Aunt Cis who sadly is no longer with us but her spirit is and she would be pleased to be travelling around the U.K and Europe with us. Go Cis Go ! !

The technical bit

No Claims Bonus“Cis” is a Swift Kontiki 679 body on a Fiat Ducato chassis with a  2300 cc engine

She is 8.67 metres long, 2.35 metres wide and 3 metres high

Her weight is approximately 5 tons and carries 100 litres of fresh water and has a waste tank also of 100 litres.

There is a raised double bed at the rear and the seating in the lounge area at the front converts into another double bedno.31

Both front seats swivel into the cab which gives seating for eight comfortably

There are masses of lockers and storage areas and if only Jane & I are travelling there is looaaddss of space

If You want any more information you will have to Google it or send me a comment I can  then hopefully answer your questions.


What do you think?   Proper Home from home, even got the kitchen sink ! ! and  a Loo as well.

Saves walking to the toilet block in the rain.


“Cis” was first registered in October 2010 and we bought her in March 2012


2 thoughts on “Who the hell is Cis?

  1. Hi Pat,
    I’m a pre-pre-retirement nfrs buddy. Met you many times while on retained at 26. Joined w/t in 04 and worked at 27 with Pete. Loving both your blogs! Me and the wife are going to be doing the same when I eventually get my pention.. Could be a while! Looks like your living the dream. Good man! Your blogs keep me going until the day I wave blighty off in my own camper! Btw.. Nice van

    • Hi Baz, yes I remember you from Arnold. Glad you like the Blog. If you want an email notification of when I write, put in your email & press FOLLOW at the very bottom of the Post. Hope you manage to do What Jane & I are doing, Its Fantastic. If you get the chance you could even go as far as Pete & Nina. They are really living the dream !! Hope it doesn’t take too long before you can get to do it.
      Cheers Pat

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