l. Iechyd da! (Yaki Da)

Wales 4 June to 11 June 2013

Sunday 4th June
The plasseySet off around 10.00 and arrived in Wales at 13.00 after a brief coffee stop. Was a little early for the campsite so had a quick drive around Wrexham. It seemed a quite decent city with some old parts which were pedestrianised so we couldn’t access with the van and a modern shopping centre and some retail parks. Having wasted 20 minutes we arrived at “The Plassey” campsite and was allowed to book in early. We got hooked up and then had a look around the site. There are a number of craft type shops in the former agricultural buildings as well as a pub & restaurant in the refurbished cow shed.
We had a drink in the golf club which was also on site. Had a pint of bitter brewed on site at the Plassey brewery but didn’t think much of it. We then returned to the cowshed ( Plassey Shippon restaurant) and had Sunday lunch. Jane had an olive & feta salad as a starter & seafood platter for main. I had black pudding & bacon salad and then roast pork. The food was excellent and the cowshed was very novel and each table was in a former stall and had a cows name above it. We ate in Olive. The gents toilet had urinals which were in milking buckets but now obviously plumbed in.
The site was well laid out and flat with a swimming pool, quite decent shop and also another bar which didn’t open until evening which we didn’t go into. There was also an under cover badminton and table tennis area. There was a shower & toilet block near to reception which was clean but a little dated. We used a modern block near us which was excellent and had piped music playing in it.
On returning to the van we chilled out the rest of the evening in the van reading, doing puzzles and watching TV on the laptop.

Monday 5th June
It had rained all night and was very cloudy in the morning. Managed to nip to the shop for a paper and had a jog around the golf course before it hammered down all day. We stopped in the van until there was a short break in the evening when we had a wander round again for some fresh air. Rest of the day again spent chilling.

Tuesday 6th June

2013_0810carnivaltenerife0007Set off from “The Plassey” around 11.00 arriving at Tddyn  Du campsite near Conwy on the north welsh coast just after 12.00. The site was closed until 14.00 so we walked down the drive to the Gladstone pub. We had a pint here then went back to the van for a spot of lunch before the owners arrived at 13.45.We had a few moments working out where they could put a van of Cis’s size but we eventually got sorted. All pitches are facing the bay and the whole of the site is terraced. The site is beautiful with spotless modern toilet blocks, flowers and plants in lovely condition and spectacular views. Definitely a place to revisit.

Another advantage of this site is that it is on a good bus route with Conwy & Llandudno one way and Bangor & Canarfon the other.
2013_0810carnivaltenerife0020After getting settled we caught a bus into Conwy which has a large ruined castle and a beautiful inlet & quay at the bottom of the town. The place is fairly small but there are about half a dozen pubs and chippies cafes etc along with some small shops. The spot is very pretty though and well worth an hour or two to look around.
2013_0810carnivaltenerife0024After spending a pleasant afternoon in Conwy, we returned back to the site. The cost of a single on the bus is £3.20 each and they run every half hour. We then went back to the Gladstone where we had tea. We both had “chicken friends” which was a breast of chicken with cheese and bacon on top with a barbecue sauce. Very nice.
On returning to the van the evening was nice & sunny and we sat out in the chairs with a bottle of Cote de Rhone which we had previously bought in France in July. We talked for a while with the neighbours and saw a very pretty sunset. This was the night that Pat & Anne  (Janes parents) were leaving Liverpool towards Dublin on their around the U K cruise. Once dark we retired to the van but kept an eye out for the Queen Elizabeth. It finally passed the headland of the Great Orme (near Llandudno around 22.30). It looked pretty spectacular all lit up2013_0810carnivaltenerife0004

Wednesday 7th June
2013_0810carnivaltenerife0010 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0011 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0015

Got up a little later today and had a steady start beginning with a nice “Belly Buster” cooked breakfast. We then caught a bus to Llandudno around 11.00. We found out that a single on the bus was £7.50 but a “Day Rover” ticket was only “6.50 which entitled you to travel anywhere on the Arriva buses in North Wales and obviously included returning back to where you started, so instead of £30 it cost £13. Spent a couple of hours in Llandudno walking along the huge wide promenade and along the pier. Typical Victorian seaside town with the usual tat in the shops. Had a drink in a couple of pubs and managed to sit outside in the beautiful sunshine. The first pub was called “The London” and I had a lovely pint of “Sneck Lifter” from Jennings. The second pub had 2 beer gardens and was called ” The Cottage” and was very oldy worldly with beams etc and the food looked nice although we didn’t try it.  Saw Punch & Judy on the prom which the kids still love and still as violent if not more so than I remember from  my childhood. (Biff Bash Bosh ! ! That’s the way to do it ! ! )
After leaving Llandudno we got off the bus again in Conwy and had a it more of an explore and took some photos before reboarding the bus back to Tyddyn Du campsite which is in the village of Dwygyfylchi. I have been told how to say that several times but still cannot pronounce it. (Now you try it ! ! )
Had a nice steak tea cooked in the van but Jane had a little mishap with the pepper sauce which she ended up with all over herself and the carpet.  ( Mrs Britton, I don’t know who taught her all those bad words ! ! ) After clearing up we ate outside looking over the bay and polished off a bottle of St Chinian which again we had previously bought in France. Lovely end to a lovely day.
Campsite cost £25 per night high season & £22 low. Facilities good & view spectacular !


Thursday 8th
2013_0810carnivaltenerife0026Set off this morning on the 9.30 bus to Bangor where on arriving at the bus station we caught the bus towards Holyhead. We went over the Menai bridge which of course crosses the Menai straight. There are two very narrow archways on the bridge which the bus driver negotiated perfectly, rather him than me,  (Chicken ! ) I think I would go over the other bridge a mile down upon which the lorries drive.
We got off in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgorerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch  (Try saying that one too ! ! ) which is translated into English as “St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the fierce whirlpool and the church of St Tysillio of the Red cave”. The locals call it Llanfair P G.  The bus driver referred to the train station as Pringles as there is a Pringles factory shop in the car park. We took a few touristy photos around the railway station before having a coffee in Pringles and catching the bus back to Bangor.

2013_0810carnivaltenerife0034 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0035
We then transferred onto the bus for Caenarfon arriving around 12.30. We had a wander around seeing the old steam train which runs for the Welsh Highland railway between Caenarfon and Porthmadog. We then wandered around the castle and down to the Victoria docks where we sat outside a modern pub overlooking the harbour and marina and of course tried a pint of Brains for me and a Tetley smooth for Jane. After that we had a steady stroll back to the bus stop and took the return journey back to Tyddun Du.

2013_0810carnivaltenerife0036 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0037 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0038

2013_0810carnivaltenerife0047 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0049 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0051

2013_0810carnivaltenerife0054 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0052 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0043

2013_0810carnivaltenerife0041 2013_0810carnivaltenerife0039
What we saw in Caenarfon was ok  but there didn’t seem to be much else to look at. Bangor didn’t look particularly interesting although we didn’t stroll far from the bus station and didn’t spot anything on the journeys through.
On arrival back at the campsite we chilled in the van for a few hours whilst the sun shone once more over the bay.
Went out for tea at the Bunkers Bistro at the top of the site and about half a mile walk. Both had braised beef. It was excellent and topped off with peach and pineapple crumble and Jane had bread & butter pudding (Bala braith?) which she said was excellent too. Met a couple Anne & Robert who offered us a lift back to the site which we accepted provided they had a drink with us.  ( Thankyou for that ) Another excellent day & evening

Friday 9th
2013_0810carnivaltenerife0064Set off around 8.45 and travelled through the mountains and valleys of Snowdonia via the A5 & A470. Lovely scenic route and not too problematic for the van. Arrived at Brecon caravan club site around 12.50 with a half hour stop for a hot drink. The facilities are good and it is a large site with big shop and two shower blocks.
After settling in and having a shower we walked into Brecon along the canal towpath. It took around 30 minutes to walk. What a disappointment Brecon was with some crappy pubs filled with drunken loud yobs. The only decent one we found was the George where we had a pint of Evan Evans Cwrw (means beer in welsh). After wandering around Brecon for an hour or two we gave up and got a Chinese takeout and taxi back to the site. After eating that we just chilled for the rest of the evening reading & watching tv.

Saturday 10th
3 horseshoesChill out day mainly with a brief visit to the 3 Horseshoes at Croessford which is a 10 minute walk away from the back of the site. Pub ok with garden and the restaurant looked good food. They have live music on Friday & Saturday nights. Had 2 pints of a derby brew (can’t remember the name ) as it was the only amber beer available.
Spent the rest of the day puzzling, reading & watching the laptop having a homemade chicken curry for tea.

Sunday 11th
Set off from the site around 8.45 and took a steady drive home arriving back around 13.00 and put “Cis” away until next time.


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