c. Capital Old Bean !

16 – 20 April 2012 Abbey Wood London


Mon 16 April

Off to London for a week of work on my own (Billy No Mates) but it gives me more opportunity to check out “Cis” in more detail and sample a new site

abbey-wood-london1Set off from home around 3.00 and arrived 6.00 at site. Its an oasis in the middle of a built up area and easy to find about 15 minutes from Dartford crossing.

Set up and had a walk down  into Abbey Wood to suss out where the Trains for London  went from. Abbey Wood appeared to be a bit of a dump with one pub by the train station that even I wouldn’t like drink in as it looks a bit rough. There’s also some takeaway outlets, off licence & newsagents near  to the station.images

Returned to “Cis” to watch something on the laptop  before settling down and catching up on some well needed beauty sleep ( I look so much better afterwards ! )

Tues 17 April

Off into London on the train arriving into Canon street station about 35 minutes later where I spent the day doing Fire Risk Assessment work. Back to Abbey Wood in the late afternoon and after chilling for a bit got changed and headed  into Greenwich.The-Greencich-Unio_1451811c

Lots of pubs & restaurants in Greenwich but I settled for  “The Union” Pub where I had a couple of decent pints of Meantime ales along with a nice steak meal.

Afterwards returned to the van & settled down for the evening.

Wed 18 April

Into London again on the train getting off at Charing Cross this time and did some training of some new staff recently taken on by Force Fire. On returning to Abbey Wood got changed and returned to Greenwich. Had a better look around tonight stopping off at the Cutty Sark recently restored after a serious fire about 12 months ago. Also checked out where some other pubs & eateries were for future reference. Settled on having a couple of pints at the Wetherspoons pub called the ” Gate Clock” near the tube station before going for a Thai meal across the road which was very nice. Returned back to the van for the night.

Thurs 19 April

Working in London again during the day but finished just after lunchtime and met up with my daft Scottish mate Glyn who was working down in London.

Glyn02Went for a walk around near Victoria train Station where he was staying sampling numerous beers in a variety of pubs ( he forced me honest ! ) before finishing off the evening in a Lebanese restaurant in Fulham road, which was very nice but turned out expensive when they put 20% service charge on the bill.

Gits  didn’t tell you that at the beginning ! !

returned again to Abbey Wood for the night

Fri 20 April

Into London on the 6.10 train to do some Starbucks Risk Assessments before the Olympics come to town later in the year. Finished for lunchtime and came back to Abbey wood where I had a “Belly Buster” cooked Brunch in the Abbey Wood cafe before going back to the camp-site to pick up the Van. Left around 13.00 and drove back home arriving around 16.00. Journey takes 3 hours but its a steady run at 60 mph and the A17 & M11 can be a bit of a pain with traffic

The Camp-site

Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site ( Big Thumbs Up ) 

A lovely site set in mature trees with very good standard of toilet & Shower blocks which there are 3 of. There is a reception & information point and the site is very secure with gates which are shut after 20.00 at night until 8.00. There is a late arrivals area outside the gate if needed.

The staff were friendly. The only downside about this site is the area of Abbey Wood is not very nice but that is made up for the ease of transport into London. Greenwich is very nice and only 15 minutes away on the train.

Would definitely return and am very likely to for work commitments. Much better doing this than stopping in some poxy  B & B and its cheaper for the company ( aren’t I a good lad ! )


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