d. A Fight and an Evacuation ! !

25 – 30 April 2012 – Rutland, Peterborough, Tewkesbury & Alcester.

Wednesday 25 April

20120426_165513Arrived early at Rutland Camping & Caravan site in Greetham, Rutland (11.10) but  it was no problem with the staff happy to take us early.

The weather was pretty wet but we still managed to walk to 2 of the pubs in Greetham village.

( I know,  it was a real chore ! )

The first was the Plough (good beers and recommended by Camra.) The food read nice  & looked good but we didn’t try it. Would come again some time & try the food

The second was the Black Horse which had nice food  that we ate but it did not quite live up to how  it read on the menu. The beer was ok and we would go back.

The village was pretty and had a general store and also buses could be taken to Oakham from outside the Wheatsheaf pub.

After walking around the village and trying to dodge most of rain, we came back to the van & stayed rest of afternoon & evening chilling.

Thursday 26 April

20120427_081756Started the day watching 3 Hares boxing outside “Cis”, The Big one Won !

We considered going to Oakham on the bus but it would have meant either 2 hours (too short) or 4 hours (too long) in Oakham.

  20120426_112818Decided instead to walk part of the Viking way to Exton. A really beautiful village with thatched cottages and a good pub called the Fox & Hounds Inn.  ( good beer & food read & looked good ). The Sun had definitely got its hat on today, Beautiful ! !

The journey from Greetham was about 2 1/2 miles & took about an hour.20120426_112326

We came back a different way going past Fort Henry which was a old hunting type lodge alongside a large lake.20120426_131407

20120426_130428The weather was beautiful and we saw many birds such as Buzzard, Skylark, Robin,Chaffinch,Tit.

Arrived back in Greetham after 1.40 hours, about 4 1/2 miles.

Went into the Wheatsheaf pub which also had good beer and the food read nice again. managed to sit outside with the drinks (In the Sunshine) and arrived back at the van again just in time as the rain started again.

Had a Thai meal in the van and stayed there the rest of the evening.

Friday 27 April

We went to the Peterborough Motorhome show today. Weather still appalling. Managed to get around without getting too wet. (Good job a lot was inside ). It was a good show with hundreds of different vans & stalls. We bought some Silver Screen Thermal windscreen covers, Some awning sides, Awning Mat, Van Washer, & Gas piping, We  became Caravan & Camping members and also MMM subscribers.

After the show we returned home temporarily & restocked van ready for our trip to Tewkesbury in the morning.

Saturday 28 April

Set off to Tewkesbury with Jane’s Mum & Dad Pat & Ann at 9.00, stopping for a hot drink in a Garden centre car park near Worcester and arrived in Tewkesbury at 12.30. Set up with hookup on a grass pitch having been warned that the river was very high and it may be necessary to move off if it became a lot higher.

20120428_135436Went into Tewkesbury for lunch at the Tudor House Inn. It was ok but nothing special.

Didn’t think a lot of Tewkesbury and would not bother coming back to the town. I don’t think it was just the rain that put us off.

We returned to “Cis” & played Canasta watching the rain continuing and many people leaving the site during the afternoon & evening

Sunday 29 April

We woke up & decided that we would look at moving on due to the crap weather.  However we then didn’t get a choice as about 9.30 the camp-site staff told us we would have to evacuate as the river was rising outside the camp-site.  ( Don’t Panic ! ! ) As we did so we helped a stranded Motorhome with my grip mats which was stuck in the mud. I used them myself with no problem and off we went.20120429_102237

20120428_125503From there we had a quick breakfast in Morrisons before driving to the Stag Pub at Redhill, Alcester nr Stratford on Avon, a pub recommended in the Britstop book.

We arrived there around 12.30 and played Canasta again in the van until we went in the pub for a meal around 6.00. The food was excellent and the beer good. When coming out of the restaurant it was dry and we finally saw some well deserved sunshine. Stopped the night in the car park where we once more had the windy & rainy weather to gently rock us to sleep. A couple of trees blew down in the night but luckily missed Us ( Whew ! ! )

We had some problems with the Gas boiler going out , it seems to not like having the gas burner on for drinks at the same time. Will have to get it sorted.

Monday 30 April

20120430_115553Bugger ! we woke up and found that the fridge had not been on due to the gas failing to ignite. Sussed out now that if blue light is flashing then fridge is off.  ( Doh ! )

Went into Stratford and parked in a proper motorhome space in the park & ride car park at Bishopton, catching the bus into Stratford £1,50 return.

Walked & pushed Ann around in her chair for a few hours looking at the sights and architecture ( see not such a heathen after all ) & had coffee in a Cafe. Positioned Ann near the river but it failed to wash her away, seems like we’re stuck with her a little longer !  we returned to the van and headed back towards home. Stopped off at the Hobby Horse pub near Leicester on the bottom of the A46. Meal not bad & a good cheap price. Arrived back around 4.00 and emptied Cis before returning her into storage.

The Campsites

Rutland Caravan & Camping site – Greetham Rutland

2 modern clean & well appointed toilet blocks. Reception has general shop and staff friendly & knowledgeable of the local area. The site was very level with plenty of hardstanding. There is also an information point and laundry & usual waste disposal points. really enjoyed here and would definitely come back

Tewkesbury Abbey Camp site – Tewkesbury Gloucester (Caravan Club)

There was 3 Clean and ok toilet blocks but not as  good a standard as Rutland. Staff were friendly and the site was a very close walk into Tewkesbury town centre. No hardstanding, only grass  which was a problem due to excessive rain and the risk of getting bogged down. Would probably not come back.

The Stag at Redhill, Alcester, nr Stratford (Britstops)

Free stay, landlady happy to have us. No facilities except toilets in the Pub, however food excellent and is open for breakfast at 7.30. There is a a large car park and we parked away from main car park so was undisturbed.  The pub however is next to the A46 which is a very busy road so there is a lot of road noise, but hey It was Free ! ! ( My favourite price being a Yorkshire man )


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