k. Beer upon Avon

Bath 25-28 May 2013

Saturday 25 may

Set off today with our good friends Alan (Mouse) & Marie for a 4 day trip as its Whitsun Bank Holiday this weekend. Made good time for 2/3 of  the journey on the M5 until we joined the car park about 10 miles from the junction we wanted to get off at. This added about an hour to the journey Grrr ! .

We arrived at our destination of Newton Mill Holiday Park just to the west of Bath centre. The park was pretty full due to the bank holiday and we were put up near a load of tents. the tents belonged to a group of guys with cycles who were directly in front of us and were playing frisbee and drinking beer on our arrival. Oh no we thought these guys are going to be supping and yamping into the wee hours ( in fact we never heard them, thanks guys ). The pitch was on a bit of a slope so I decided to use my levelling blocks ably assisted by Mouse ( Bad mistake! ) I reversed “Cis” back and then drove forward onto the blocks, Mouse decided I needed to reverse off and have another go at them. I duly did so, but one of the blocks shot out from under the wheel like a bullet and flew under one of the cyclists cars narrowly missing Mouse as it did so. Luckily the Frisbee players had moved off a distance from us and were oblivious to the fact I had nearly wrecked his car.

bathHaving got sorted on the pitch and had a cuppa, we then walked through the camp-site down to the river and followed this about 4 miles into Bath centre. It was very hot this day and by the time we arrived in Bath our mouths felt like the bottom of a Budgies Cage. We sat outside a pub near the old market ( name not remembered ) and had a pint each. We looked at the menu but it looked soooo expensive that gave the food a miss. Next up was the Wetherspoons pub The King of Wessex which was much more in line with our purses full of moths ! So we had some standard fayre from there of course washed down with some more brown liquid ( No not Tea !! Muppet ). After this it was late afternoon and we decided to high-jack a local taxi which returned us back to the camp-site where Marie & I wupped the other pair at Canasata although they would claim they had won ( Never going to happen ! )

Sunday 26 May

bath1 bath5 bath2

Caught the bus back to Bath and had a wander around the old buildings with a view to going into the Roman Baths but the queue to get in stretched around two streets so we decided to give that a miss this time. The Procurement Posse tried out some of the local retail outlets whilst I sat in the sunshine in a provided deck chair in the square outside the outlets ( Easy Life ! ) We then wandered up to the Crescent and the Green and the Bridge over the river being complete tourists blending in well with all the others milling around.bath7

By this time we needed to find a pub with Sky TV as it was the Monaco Grand Prix. So having found Belushi’s and persuaded them that the Grand Prix was more important than the cricket & Rugby world cup we settled in for a couple of hours and availed ourselves of the pubs hospitality which we did to repay them for allowing us to watch the race. Later we walked around a little more in the glorious sunshine and ventured to another pub ( again I can’t recollect the name, It’s an age thing ! ) where we had some lovely food sat outside and enjoyed the warmth. After this we jumped on the bus back to the camp-site and again thrashed our less than worthy opponents at Canasta.

Belushis - Bath bath6 bath3

Monday 27 May

Boathouse - BathAfter a “Belly Buster” cooked breakfast we went for a walk turning along the river Avon in the opposite direction to Bath for a few miles which was still nice but a little cooler than the previous two days but was still dry and an enjoyable walk. The only problem is the footpath is also a cycle route and being a Bank Holiday was full of cyclists most of whom were fine, but some where A** holes and thought that we had no right to be walking along it ( Get off & Milk it !! ) We stopped for a quick refreshment stop after an hour or two at the Riverside pub at Saltford Marina again sitting outside and enjoying the weather. We  then returned on a slightly different route which passed yet another pub ( It’s not polite to not pop in and say hello ! ) called the Boathouse sitting outside although it was getting a little cooler by now. After a quick stop here we wandered back and chilled out for the rest of the evening back in “Cis” and I wouldn’t bore you with the details of yet another thrashing as it’s getting embarrassing for them.

Tuesday 28 May

After a steady start we motored on home stopping just outside Worcester for a burger & Hot Chocolate for lunch arriving back around mid afternoon where our guests moseyed on back up to Worksop and we cleaned up “Cis” before putting her back to bed until the next time


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