Beers, Beers and even more Beers ! !

20130815_085759I was given a book called ” A 1001 Beers you must try before you die” for Christmas 2011 and decided I would do my best to try most of them

I have since been to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Spain, Belgium, France and around the UK which has given me the opportunity to sample a few

Jane reckons that is the only reason I bought “Cis” ( it certainly helps in finding them )

I have currently tried over 500 of them so am about half way, I will let you know how I get on with the rest.20130815_085912

I must assure you that I only drink them when not driving “Cis” or any other vehicle

My Top Three

Thornbridge Bracia 

20130819_170605a dark flavoursome beer at 9%. made by the Bakewell brewery Thornbridge.

Excellent in bottles but if you can get it draft WOW ! !

Black Albert

20130819_170653another dark beer almost a stout. This one is a massive 13% and brewed by the Belgium brewery De Struise Brouwers.

It’ll blow your socks off but it is beautiful.

Had that in a bar in Bruges. Try British specialist beer shops if you want to try it in the UK

Ola Dubh

20130819_170531Translation from Gaelic is Black Oil.

Brewed by the Scottish brewer Harviestoun and  is of course another dark beer but only a mere 8% and is matured in whisky barrels.

very flavoursome and easily obtained in specialist beer shops in the U.K.

Hope you get chance to try them all

Cheers Pat


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