Life is but a Circus !

Friday 14 July

Happy Bastille Day

Well here we are with the final instalment of our latest French escapades. It is very brief and unfortunately includes no photos

Continuing our ever northbound journey, we set off for a favourite stop of ours at Hardelot Plage where they have got two good free Aires with access to the little village on the coast. We often stop here and have a nice meal on our last night before the final hours drive to Calais the following morning to catch the ferry.

On the way here we come into the small town of Etaples which looks very nice but is rammed. Being a kind gentleman, I let out of a junction what I believe to be an articulated Lorry. When it pulled out I then realised it was a circus troupe pulling 3 more large trailers. In Australia the road trains are not that long and you wouldn’t be allowed to drive them through small towns along the coast !

We stop for more provisions to take home at the supermarket and allow the circus vehicles to move on . As we are driving towards Hardelot we see the signs saying Circus at Hardelot Plage beginning tomorrow 15 July. When we arrive at our Aire we find that this is where they are having the Big Top and there are camels, horses, donkeys etc chained along the road ( No Tigers ! )

I don’t want to appear prejudiced but I am not happy sharing an Aire with a large circus troupe and associated animals. We decide to move on up to try another Aire in Wissant near Calais. Would you believe it, the same dates there is another circus here for the same weekend and the Aire is absolutely Chokka.

We decide to backtrack a little and forego the Aires to go to a campsite we have used before in a place called Guines. It is quite expensive here but we decide it isn’t worth keep driving along to find somewhere we can pitch up for the night.

Having bit the bullet and paid 34 Euros for the night, we find the bar and chill for a couple of beers having a brief chat  with a couple from Staffordshire. We bump in to them a while later and of all the people we know who can rattle on incessantly  ( Yes you know who you are ! ) these guys can beat you hands down. They are market traders in Hanley and I bet they sell a bomb. They Hardly draw breath but are such fun to talk to. I exchange some pink toilet rinse  for a bottle of rip off perfume smell alike! Bargain !

The restaurant here is very good and we have an excellent three course meal for 21 Euros each. Having enjoyed our last day we have an early night as we are up before 6.00 to catch the ferry tomorrow and set off for home with scheduled arrival at lunchtime.

That’s it for now folks. I am away with “Cis” in August with my Scottish mate Glyn at Cropredy music festival and then Jane & I go to Formby near Liverpool later on the month with our friends Pete & Nina and their Motorhome. Catch up with you guys later. Hope you are enjoying the blog and the photos


P & J xx


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