Lazing around at Lyons La Foret !

Wednesday 12 July

We got up at 7.00 this morning and set off towards our next place nice & early as the weather forecast said it was going to be pants and guess what, it was correct! We did a supermarket & breakfast stop en route beginning to stock up with La Vin Rouge to take home to last us the year ( Yes folks it does actually last us more than a fortnight when we get home !! )

Our final stop for the day is at Lyons La Foret which is a beautiful village believe it or not situated in the middle of a large forest. If you ever get the chance to come here it is stunning and very accessible from Calais being a few hours away particularly for those not driving a 5 tonne beast like mine and can afford the tolls !

The campsite here is a municipal one ( St Paul ) but very nice having a good mix between static homes and pitches for caravans & motorhomes. And although it is now peak season was less than 50 Euros for two nights including electricity and free access to the municipal swimming pool. The facilities are fairly basic but ok with plenty of hot water in the showers and provided loo roll which is not always the case in France !

We pitch up and have a cuppa because it is still raining and after an hour, the rain stops and although it is not brilliant sunshine it is still warm and we get some blue sky though the clouds.

We venture up into the town and have a good wander around before settling in the market place for a drink outside the main bar for the square. By now the rain has passed and we enjoy the fresh air and occasional sunshine whilst having a beer.

The forest around the village was a former royal hunting area and had at one time a fortified castle in the middle which was completely destroyed with very little evidence it was here.

I spied a good book called” The official guide to the most beautiful villages in France “ in the tourist information centre which we just have to buy to help with planning future itineraries.

After wandering around for a while more we return back to “Cis” and look at our new purchase and I get the opportunity to update the blog in regards to where we have been since Beynac.

Thursday 13 July

I went out for probably the last early morning sortie on my bike this morning cycling up to Fleury La Foret and the Chateau nearby although that was closed that early in the morning. On my return to Lyons La Foret I continued cycling around the extremes of the village before returning to the campsite for breakfast.

The Police are investigating a report about missing Tradesmen !

Snow White had found the house the Seven Dwarves lived in !

After breakfast and showers we had another walk into the village with me showing Jane some of the bits I had discovered earlier. It was one of the three market days but the Fishmongers, Fruit stall, Meat stall and Clothing stall were the markets entirety and paled a little in comparison to Bingham.

We had lunch at the same cafe we had used yesterday when there had been three couples including us the whole lunchtime. Today the market place was full at the open air tables so market days are the times to come for people watching and atmosphere.

Following on from lunch we return to “Cis” when I am able to post this next instalment of the blog. The rest of the afternoon we plan to just chill and have French Cheese & Biscuits/Bread for tea and not venture far.

Tomorrow we travel up to Hardelot Plage which is about an hour away from Calais for our final day before we return on Saturday to the UK. I will finish off the rest of the blog hopefully over the weekend from home.


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