Ouch, Mind That *=#~+&% Wall !

Sunday 9 July

We had a leisurely start this morning kicked off with a couple of Bacon Butties, pity the Baguette used for the bread was as tough as old Nag Nails ! By the time we had packed up, showered, posted the Blog and said our farewells it was 12.00 just in time to not incur any further days cost.

We had a steady drive up over the hills again and passing through a small town with a Sunday market we were behind a young lad driving his fathers car with father inside. Because of the market, parking was atrocious and the road we all wanted to travel along would only allow a single direction of traffic to pass. I stopped well back but the lad decides to go and ends up with a forward & reversing manoeuvre with cars coming the other way. One of his reverses  ended up with him scraping big time his Dads car along the wall of a house. He continued another 30 yards to get through the road and pulled up to examine the damage. Now that the road was clear, we continued down the gap. Dad and Son were by now  out of the car and we could hear the row that was going off well before we passed them. It’s a good job I don’t understand French that well because I’m sure there were a few expletives amongst the vitriol thrown at poor laddo ! I’m writing this 3 days later and I’m sure he’s still getting a severe tabholing from his father. ( for my out of town followers, this means getting a right ear bashing ! )

We had been recommended Bourdeilles as a place to visit and found the aire easily after negotiating the numerous rather large rock formations which stick out in the road and forced a rather nervous motorhome driver into the oncoming traffic. ( If everyone stuck to the correct way of driving on the Left side of the road, this wouldn’t have been a problem ! ). IThe Aire is only a large Grass field but there are the usual dumping/water facilities although they have an extra charge. We paid 6 Euros which if you compare with our first night where all facilities plus electric was only 5 Euros, it was a bit of a rip off.

The little village has, you guessed it a Chateau, and the ruins of a previous castle and medieval walls. It was very pretty and worth a stop. We had a good look around stopping in a very quaint, typical French restaurant/bar for a swift half before chilling beside “Cis” for the afternoon & evening having a very nice Shrimp Cannelloni for tea.

Could do with a tidy up !

We watched this bloke spend 15 minutes levelling his Van !


Monday 10 July

Leaving Bourdeilles behind we continue North reaching the town of Aregenton Sur Creuse which is very busy as it seems to be a major cross route to everywhere.

On arriving in the town I found the route to the Aire but was confronted with two signs; one said prohibited above 3.4 Metres ( no problem, we are only 3.1 Metres ) the other said prohibited above 3.5 Tonnes ( 1 ½ tonnes too heavy ! ) I stopped “Cis” and ran up the road to check out how the land lied. There was a bridge under the railway but I could see no problem with the weight so I drove down and parked up. ( Naughty Naughty !, need to watch out for the French Letter in the Post. [No not that type of French Letter ! you perv ].) The Aire is just a large gravel car park for the sports centre with no facilities. There was an open toilet block but I didn’t venture into it.

After parking up we had our usual Perambulation around the town but the clouds were becoming darker. There were  a few nice views but we daren’t venture far because of fear of rain.We had a Tapas meal in a small restaurant/bar which was ok but not the best. Having eaten it we just managed to get back to the Aire before it Mega hammered it down. The car park was awash and we had two or three torrential thunderstorms throughout the evening but we were nice and dry inside.

Tuesday 11 July

The Boulangerie girl came round with her bread van in the morning which was a nice touch and saved having to go into town for some.

By now the swimming pool, er sorry ! car park, had dried out sufficiently to be able to drive away from and we set off to our next stop of Chateaudun some 3 hours further North. On arrival we found the Aire to be very small and not a lot of room to park “Cis” in. It had the usual dumping/water facilities including a rudimentary toilet ( Hole in the ground Ladies ! ) and the Chateau and park at the bottom looked worth a further exploration. We had a cup of tea and decided to head a few miles further North to see the next Aire at Marboue. When we came to it we weren’t allowed to turn left and the way signposted to get to it looked a little too tight for a 9 metre van. We continued further North for a few more miles and came to Bonneval.

Chateaudun. bit of a squeeze !

Quelle Surprise ! Bonneval is a very beautiful little town with canals passing through the centre and everywhere is covered with flowers. The Aire is on a general car park but again has normal facilities (Free) and also has 3 toilets. The toilets unfortunately were locked though which I think was a sign of respect for George Michael ! come on guys he’s been dead months now !

We parked up and went for another walk around finding a nice little open air bar to have a cold Affligem. As it was lunchtime, as usual the shops were all shut which Jane says is a deliberate ploy to keep her from spending any money. Result !

Having wandered around for an hour or two we returned to “Cis” and spent the afternoon with Jane reading the paper and myself processing my photos and writing the notes for the blog ready to post hopefully tomorrow when we reach a campsite.


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