Cometh the Corner, Cometh the Chateau !

Wednesday 5 July

We set off from St Cirq before 9.00 and Mrs Sat Nag decided to throw a wobbler ! She sent me up the mountain road past the hilltop town but after a mile I decided against it as there was some mighty tight bends and very thin roads. Luckily there was a big coach park at the very top of the hill which allowed me to turn around and go back past the town. I think I must have entered the coordinates wrong as the nearer we headed to Cahors the longer it was telling me the journey would take. Jane took over with the map until I could reprogramme it.

The journey out of St Cirq along the river Lot is a memorable one as well, as there are sheer cliffs alongside the road with tunnels dug out of it as well as overhangs as low as 2.8 metres if you stick to the right of the road. “Cis” is 3.1 metres which meant that a lot of time I was driving on the wrong side of the road away from the cliff.  We had a few occasions when we had a tight squeeze alongside lorries coming the other way.

When we reached Cahors it was time to fill up with Diesel as well as provisions for the fridge. We spotted a LeClerc supermarket and took up 4 bays in their carpark. After our shop and loading up, we resumed our journey. Mrs Sat Nag again started acting up when she kept switching off every time I tried to turn her on which again resulted in Jane navigating by map. It’s a good job Jane is an excellent navigator. Well done partner ! ( Any body want to buy a second hand Sat Nav, one careful owner !! )

So we’ve left the Lot behind and now descend on to the Dordogne when we finally reach our destination just after 1.00 and settled onto a pitch. The campsite is Le Capeyrou and is at Beynac et Cazenac just below the castle on top of the rock alongside the river Dordogne. I think we have a thing for little towns and villages up on top of hills !

After sorting ourselves out ( and putting Sat Nag on deep charge for the next four days ) we had a nice cold beer in the garden of the lovely bar. Then we ( Jane ) did the washing and then we hit the pool ! Man it was brilliant ! Today is about 32 degrees C again and it was fantastic to cool off in the water. I think that pool and me are going to become inseparable friends !

After spending the afternoon by the pool we returned to ” Cis” and spent the evening in the shade and had some French cheeses and bread or biscuits with a little French wine. I prepared a few photos in readiness to post the next Blog instalment tomorrow

Thursday 6 July

Went off on my bike for a brisk cycle around the area and literally there is a Chateau around every  bend of the river Dordogne. What a beautiful area.

Greenhouse for sale cheap. Must provide own Glass !

Giz us a Hug !

After breakfast we climbed the steep hill up to the top of Beynac where yet another Chateau is perched on top of a huge rock face. Whilst it was warm today it wasn’t as hot as yesterday and so was easily managed.

We had a good wander around the little lanes and it is certainly worth a stop and explore around this old town if you are ever in the area. We will certainly  be back ( Just like Arnie ! )

Getting a Window Cleaner here is a Bitch !

Ariel view of our campsite

After exploring for an hour or two we descended ( always the better part of any hill ! ) back down to the river level and had a drink in a very nice little bar/ restaurant opposite the campsite.

We returned to the site and then swam and sat around the pool for the afternoon albeit by now it was very cloudy but still very warm. Finishing off the afternoon after showering we went back to the bar we had been in previously and had a lovely meal cooked by the Dutch owners who gave me a few tips for where to go in September when we plan to visit Holland ( Keep your eyes peeled for that one )

On our return to the site we bumped into a Scottish couple Stephen and Ann and their two kids Alfie & Archie, who we had spoken to around the pool yesterday. They were up for a beer so we spent a very nice evening with those guys until it was time to hit the sack.


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