Mugged by Motorway Mafia !

Sunday 25 June

We have made the executive decision to leave early and miss out the planned stopover at an aire for tonight by continuing on to Annecy, as the weather forecast is worse later in the week and we are expecting Thunderstorms. By arriving earlier we stand a better chance of a couple of days of sunshine.

We elected to cut down on about a 3 ½ hour driving time saving from 8 ½  hours to 5 hours by jumping on the motorway knowing that it will cost a few bob ! Oh how wrong we were !!

I feel violated ! We have done around 200 miles on the motorway and it cost me *^!#’#**! 57 Euros. What a #*^@!~#’ Rip Off !! Next time bugger the length of time it takes. We could have caught a Ryanair flight to Nice for both of us for that much ! Robbing $#~’=*&’s !

To make things worse, when we arrive in Annecy around 11.00, the traffic is absolutely manic, with traffic queues everywhere. There is a two day Triathlon event on and everywhere is crammed. We find out that the campsite that we had sussed out is full so we venture a few miles further south along the lake. We find a very nice one called Le Solitaire Du Lac. This one has plenty of room and takes the old ACSI card at a rate of 17.60 Euros per night including electricity.

After calming down for an hour or two ( Breathe Pat Breathe ! ), we wander down to the edge of the Lake. We thought the traffic was bad ! You should see the beach on the edge. It’s like Blackpool on a Bank Holiday. The difference is it’s Hot, Sunny and has a beautiful view, but with only a few inches between sweaty bodies next to you we decide to continue on our wander further along until we pass the marina. I think it’s better to come down to the beach on other days than the weekend.

Cue Hawaii 5 0 music !

After our saunter around, we decide on a takeaway Pizza from the mobile Pizza van on site and chill for the rest of the evening in the dwindling sunshine

Monday 26 June

Today is a lot cooler and we’ve had a few drops of rain but nothing serious. It has not stopped us from cycling into the old town of Annecy along the great tarmacced cycle pathway by the side of the lake. The town is very pretty and reminds us a little of Venice because of the couple of canals which run through the old town.

The Journey from campsite to town takes around 30 minutes and having secured the bikes, we mosey around for the rest of the morning. At lunchtime we pick a very nice restaurant that serves a cracking Burger with local blue cheese and a cheesy bacon & onion Tartiflette both of which were delicious.

Spit the Dog !!

Health & Safety !!

Puppet on a String !!

Take me to your Leader !

After lunch we continue our look around before cycling back through the very gentle but refreshing rain as it is very humid today.

On our return, we chill whilst I catch up with updating the blog and uploading my photos.

At this very moment as I do this, our ignorant French neighbours have just set up their table and chairs to eat their tea. This is of course, more than acceptable, however leaving your motorhome door open and watching the French equivalent of Eastenders at a volume that the people bathing at the lake can hear is not !! Mon Dieu !! I’m now searching through my music collection on my phone to see if I’ve got any Thrash Metal I can play with the volume cranked up to 11 ( brief nod to Spinal Tap ! )

Unfortunately ( except it quietened Mr & Mrs Escargot next door ) the rain came in very heavy around 8.00 but we were safely in the dry under our awning. Not so with the Bed as we had forgotten to close the roof lights and so we had to resort to the Hairdryer to return it to a suitable condition to be able to sleep in it before we went to bed.


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