Battened down in Beziers !

Tuesday 27 June

Well it continued to hammer down all night long but thankfully stopped just before I got up at 6.20 to go for a blast along the cycleway ( Yes there is more than one 6.20 in each day ! ) I went the opposite way to Annecy this time going down to the South Western tip of the lake at Doussard. By this time, the roads were getting very busy with early morning rush hour traffic, so after an hour I returned back to our site.

The weather is going to remain a bit hit and miss for a while so we set off towards the West with a plan to settle down in the Dordogne area. We drove for about 4 hours and settled onto a nice aire at a place called Boulieau de Annonay.  Which did fill up later but we arrived in plenty of time to get a decent space.

We had a wander into the little town but is was very unphotogenic and lacked much character except it was pretty old and had a medieval church. We returned to the aire and sat out in the sunshine enjoying the warmth whilst it lasted and had a nice chicken salad knocked up by Madame Chef

Wednesday 28 June

Still checking out the weather forecast,the rain is expected right across the country and the temperature is set to drop drastically in the Dordogne. Pants !. We make the decision to head South down the FREE motorway, the A75 down to Beziers to get back to a much warmer clime. We would have liked to go down to Cannes to see our friends Dawn & Rog and our God Daughters Gemma & Jessica and respective families but we are too far West to make reasonable progress down towards the far South East. Catch you later you Guys !

We set off very early and made good time after a Breakfast stop, and a supermarket and fuel break, arriving around 3.00. It rained as expected but we managed to get through the mountains before it hit us particularly hard.

On arrival at out campsite, Les Bergs Du Canal, it rained again with a heavy thunderstorm at 5.30 but not before we had partaken in a couple of beers sat on the terrace of the bar alongside the Canal Du Midi. You understand this was purely for therapeutic benefits in allowing us to unwind after the long journey today !

Having battened down the awning with straps to ward of the effects of the wind we did some washing ( When I say WE, you know who I mean ! ) and sheltered eating our tea of French Bread & Cheeses Au Naturel ( I don’t mean Naked you Perv, I mean in the open air close to nature ! ) before settling down again listening to the rain & wind contemplating tomorrows agenda

Thursday 29 June

The day for me started off with a whizz off on my bike for an hour along to Beziers and down to Les Neuf Ecluses de Fonseranes, a 9 gated set of locks on the Canal, which was unfortunately all partitioned off for construction works. I may be able to get to from the other bank on another day. The journey was a nightmare, battling against the constant wind, but its good to burn off some calories.

On my return, we had a bacon & French baguette for breakfast and caught up with some more washing and hung around “Cis”, luckily the sunshine was back out around lunchtime and we could chill in the warmth & let the awning & washing dry out.

In the evening we had a stroll into the small town centre of Villeneuve de Beziers and had a beer in the central market place before choosing a restaurant down along the canal. The food was excellent and we both chose fish dishes which were delicious followed by a “Dame Blanche” ice cream for me and a Crepe with ice cream and chocolate sauce for Jane Scrummy !

It’s Art you know !

Ladies, pick up your Knitting and fight

When I said I needed the House Painting !!


Friday 30 June

Another early morning start off on my bike led me back to the Locks but on the other side of the canal at that point. I managed to get partly round but some of it was still fenced off. We have been reliably informed that the construction work finishes today and will be open tomorrow, but not sure if that is after I am likely to be there.

After breakfast, we both cycle off to Beziers along the Canal and after walking through the park and the Allees Paul Riquet which is a tree lined open place in the centre of town. We had a wander through the backstreets to the Cathedral  and then returned to where we left our bikes for a beer sat outside in café with seating in Allees Paul Riquet.

Handbag for Ladies on the Go !

We were pretty underwhelmed with Beziers and so after our drinks we returned on our bikes to the campsite.

We relaxed sat under the awning back at “Cis”, but it has got even more windy and with intermittent cloud is a little cooler than it has been.

For Tea, Jane cooked a superb Chateaubriand which after eating we returned inside “Cis” but not before winding in the awning as we know people who have left it out and regretted it when the van has been damaged ! ( Not us, Honest ! )

Saturday 1 July

The Awning is well and truly away for a while as the wind is even stronger. My early morning cycle resulted in an extreme Aerobic workout battling against the wind as I returned to the campsite. Today’s jaunt was towards Serignan & the beach at Serignan Plage which is a pretty featureless and boring beach. Going their was better than the return. Nothing much to photo this morning.

We decide to have a day chilling by “Cis” with a visit to the pool if we can find a sheltered spot. it gives us chance to catch up with the blog and look at emails etc. tonight’s plan is to have a steady saunter into Villeneuve for a drink and then return to “Cis” for a home made Chilli


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