A Bridge Too Steep !

Friday 10 March

We set off late lunch and arrived at our first destination in Shropshire around 4.00 ish. We stopped the first night in the Horseshoe Inn car park at Uckington near Shrewsbury. The food was pretty good and was washed down with a couple of pints of Three Tuns Clerical Cure which at 5% really tickled the old thirst glands. After being fed & watered we retired into “Cis” for the rest of the evening

Saturday 11 March

We kicked off today by driving only a few miles down the road to visit Attingham park and hall. The building was built in 1785 for the first Baron Berwick and is now owned by the National Trust. The visit was interesting and showed vividly the difference between “Upstairs & Downstairs” in the 18th century. I know which floors I would sooner be ensconced in !

Whistlers Mother !

Wouldn’t want the job of polishing all them !

Moving on from there we visited Much Wenlock which is only a small town having had two former monasteries earlier on but became quite an valued place when the railway came to town much later until the trains stopped running in 1951. It is quite famously known for being the place where the modern Olympics originated. In 1850 Dr William Penny Brookes introduced  the Much Wenlock Games to improve the health of the locals. Dr Brookes then introduced first the Shropshire Games in 1861 and then in 1866 was instrumental in setting up the modern Olympics that we know and love today.

Our final stop today was Ludlow where we visited last year when we went Badger watching. We parked up on a road out of town near an industrial estate and walked back into the centre for a drink and something to eat before returning to “Cis” for a quiet night chilling away from any traffic.

Sunday 12 March

The next morning the sun was shining beautifully and after a couple of bacon & egg butties ( only the healthiest breakfasts for us ! ) we continued our journey arriving at our next stopover for the next two nights.

We stayed on a Caravan Club CL called the Leopard in Benthall just outside Ironbridge. The site was flat with electricity and usual dump facilities for £14 a night.

Having connected up we walked across the fields to another National trust place called Benthall Hall. This was much smaller and not as interesting as Attingham but still had nice gardens and helped pass the morning.

All the mod cons !

Returning across the fields we had a hot drink before venturing out once again down a long steep hill a couple of miles until we reached the actual bridge in Ironbridge Gorge.

Ironbridge is situated on the river Severn and is known as “The Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution” as it was the place where the first Iron Ore smelting with Coke was introduced by Abraham Darby. The iconic bridge itself was the first built of Cast Iron and was commenced in 1779 being completed 2 years later. The town and area of Ironbridge is now a Unesco World Heritage site.

Having reached the bridge we had a brief visit into the old Toll house which is now a museum before sheltering from the now drizzling weather in a nice pub called the Swan to slake our thirsts.

Having suitably dried out we ventured back up the ohhhhhh so loooong hill back to the CL stopping regularly to pick ourselves up off our knees and gather a gasp of breath before crawling a few more steps !

Bit of a Smoking Habit !

After arriving back at “Cis” we recovered for the rest of the evening with a home made Chilli and watched a beautiful sunset unfortunately over an ugly range of Electricity pylons behind “Cis”.

Monday 13 March

Another beautiful start to the day and we drove to Blists Hill Victorian Town one of the 10 Ironbridge museums along the gorge. This was very interesting with lots of Victorian buildings that have been removed brick by brick from other sites and rebuilt in the old original Brickworks here. There are lots of different places here including a Pub, a School, a Chemist, A Sweetshop, a Printers, a simulated clay mine,a forge, Victorian cottages etc. It is well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

Butcher Baker …. you guess the rest !

What the Aussies would call the Dunny !


You need to try some Daz on them whites love !

Some of the best Pubs in Mansfield look like this !

We spent 3 or 4 hours here before returning to the CL and re-parking. We then walked down the infamous hill but not so far into the village of Broseley and having done a bit of food shopping we sat outside a pub called the Albion which was a bit of a dump inside but OK for sitting in the sunshine at the front for a quick pint. We returned once more to “Cis” and had a very nice Chateaubriand Steak with Stilton Sauce expertly cooked by Nigella Cathcart before chilling for the rest of the night. The next day we drove back to Nottingham shortly after breakfast.

That’s it for this time folks but we are going to Chester at Easter with our friends Mouse & Marie, so catch us then

Cheers P & J xx


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