Dogs & Rude Dudes from Dublin !

Friday 9 September

Today was another “I’m just gonna laze around the pool” days, but first…

In the morning I went off again on my trusty metal ( and by now extremely dusty ! ) steed at early doors to explore the local area. This time I headed North and cycled into St Jean de Monts which is a bit of an urban sprawl but is somewhat nearer than St Hilaire & St Gilles. Whilst much of it was shut when I reached there, when I come back again with Wifey, it will be later and many of the restaurants etc should be open ( Fingers Crossed ! )


St Jean de Monts

St Jean de Monts


Fish out of Water !

Fish out of Water !


The End of the Pier Show !

The End of the Pier Show !


On my return Jane did the housewifey bit doing the washing whilst I prepared breakfast. After which we ventured once more to the pool where I was able to catch you good folks up on the old Blog.

On reaching lunchtime we retired to the bar and met up once again with our new chums George & Nuala who had cycled off from our old campsite for a couple of beers. After which they returned to their campsite and Jane & I returned to the pool once more for some more rays, which also gave me chance to post the second Blog you will have received

In the evening, we went out for dinner at a little Restaurant/Bar just around the corner on the road to St Gilles. This was one of the only two places still open ( The other being our campsite ! ) It didn’t look like much from the outside but we were pleasantly surprised once through the doors.

The food here was amazingly rather delicious. Jane had a Smoked Salmon, Prawn & Avocado Salad whilst I plumped for a straight forward but tasty Fish & Chips albeit with a Bernaise Sauce ( What the …. ! )

We arrived around 7.00 and by 8.00 it was packed. An Irish couple neighbouring us very loudly kicked off when three French people sat next to them with a dog. “ I don’t want dog hairs in my dinner ! ”.was the rather rude retort from the obnoxious guy. Luckily the waitress moved them so we didn’t have to hear them chuntering anymore. It’s simple mate don’t come to France because it’s part of their culture. Put up or Shut up !

After dinner we wandered down to the beach but we had unfortunately just missed the Sunset by about 10 minutes ( I know, should have eaten quicker and risked indegestion ! ) and so we strolled back to “Cis” once more to chill for the rest of the evening before hitting the sack once more ( real night owls us you know ! )


Saturday 10 September

We had a slow start to the morning with a cuppa in bed before collecting the body of the blood sucking Nazi Vampire Baron Von Mozzie that had plagued us all night in the bedroom before the Raid spray eventually put paid to his nightly attack over enemy lines. Unfortunately, he had definitely got a few hits in though as his body was full of blood and both of us had itchy wounds upon various bits of our personage.

After brekkie we had a cycle to St Jean de Monts and wandered around for a few hours, believe me that’s stretching it out because there’s not a lot to see here except the sea. It’s like Skeggie in November except there’s nobody from Worksop ! We did however find a fantastic restaurant called Villa where Jane had Moules Frites with a Forestiere sauce and I had a gorgeous Fish Stew, both of which were delicious. The service was your typical French “it’ll be here when we are ready” but it was well worth the wait. These were slowly followed by a Sweet Hors d’Oeuvres for Jane and a lovely Caramel Sundae for me. Yum Yum it’s in my Tum !

You cant park that there !

You cant park that there !

Not so lucky, they've had the swings nicked !

Not so lucky, they’ve had the swings nicked !

In dire need of refreshment !

In dire need of refreshment !

Just what the Doctor ordered !

Just what the Doctor ordered !

Bon Appetit !

Bon Appetit !

Jane's new Shopping Chums had got a head start on her !

Jane’s new Shopping Chums had got a head start on her !

The Jamacian Synchronised Swimming team got very few points !

The Jamacian Synchronised Swimming team got very few points !

Happy Birthday.. Mr President .... !

Happy Birthday.. Mr President …. !

Being weighted down with the over the top extra calories and cycling against the wind we slowly weebled our way eventually back to the campsite and relaxed for the rest of the evening in preparation for our last day here at La Plage ( Sniff ! )



2 thoughts on “Dogs & Rude Dudes from Dublin !

  1. You stood more chance of catching something nasty off the ‘Rude Couple’ than they did off the dog! The French love their Pooches and are one of many nations that let well behaved dogs in to restaurants under the table. You should have asked them if they’d washed their hands when exiting les toilettes! (This non-dog owner’s pet hate)
    Anyway, Muppets aside, it’s good to see you both enjoying the sunshine 👍🌴😎

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