Heritage and Heroes !

Sunday 26 June

Started off the day by paying 18 Euros a night and then dumped the loo, waste water and topped up with fresh water. Whilst I was doing this I washed the bugs and rain stains off the windscreen forgetting that the cab side windows were fully down and accidentally (Honest ! ) let the hosepipe spray  through and soak the contents. One of those said contents was the now Mrs Dripping who was not a happy Bunny ! ( See Barry we still make daft mistakes ! ).

Luxembourg Line Up !

Luxembourg Line Up !

We left Camp Car Park ( reminds of the M5 travelling to Devon on August Bank Holiday ! ) and headed towards Belgium, stopping briefly to avail ourselves of the cheap fuel in Luxembourg. We arrived at our stop at a large free Car Park at Yachtdreef in Gent just in time for a heavy downpour which we let pass as Jane had by now dried out and I didn’t think she’d be very impressed with another soaking.

It’s about a 15 minute walk into the centre which was now the third time we have visited but is such a beautiful place that we like to return to and is not far from Dunkirk to catch the ferry although tomorrow we are going to Brugge which is even closer. It started to rain so we took shelter in a good beer bar down by the canal until it had stopped again ( Good excuse I know ! )


Spot the Dog !

Spot the Dog !

Not another partially wrapped Icon !

Not another partially wrapped Icon !


.. Come on do the Conga ....La La, La La ..

.. Come on do the Conga .. La La, La La ..


The rest of the afternoon was spent strolling along taking the odd photo and looking at the typically Flemish architecture interspersed with a visit to one of my favourite bars here which has over 350 Belgium Beers and where we had to try a couple just to tick them off my list. During this time it hammered it down again but we were safely ensconced under a huge umbrella positioned over our table and watched the poor blighters in the market across from us trying to sheet over their wares to save them from the rain.

You just have to drop in for one dont you !

You just have to drop in for one don’t you !

Cant beat supping in the rain !

Can’t beat supping in the rain !

well were dry !

well we’re nice and dry !


And dont forget the Beer !

And don’t forget the last one !

Naked Harp players get everywhere these days !

Naked Harp players get everywhere these days !

Hot Dog !

Hot Dog !

Do you feel lucky Punk ? !

Do you feel lucky Punk ? !


well keep the Red flag flying ..

we’ll keep the Red flag flying ..

...and then assume the Brace position !

…and then assume the Brace position !


Cock a Doodle Doo !

Cock a Doodle Doo !

The evening meal was had in an Ellis Gourmet Burger establishment where we of course partook of the extensive board of fayre which in the words of Roald Dahl was “Scrumdiddlyumptious” . After which we wandered back to “Cis” and hunkered down for the rest of the evening softly serenaded by the horns and shouts of the local football bozos who were celebrating, I presume the success of the Belgium team in the Euro Championship match today. ( Thank you but it gets a little wearing after an hour or two ! )

Monday 27 June

Our last day of the trip and we had a really lazy start before popping in the local supermarket to buy a few more bottles of wine to bring home and then drove to the aire at Brugge. Yesterday as has already been reported I soaked Jane with the hose. This morning I caused her to burn her finger whilst heating up the kettle, a breakfast plate was near the gas flame unbeknown to me and Jane picked it up to wash it. ( Oops ! Mr Popular was not what she called me ! ) what tale of woe will befall her tomorrow ?

As we neared Brugge in the constant dismal mizzling rain it became apparent that Mrs Sat Nav couldn’t take us to the aire as the roads have changed and a roundabout and Park & Ride site has been put in leaving the only other road available closed for the moment. Quelle Surpise !
So after driving around trying to circumnavigate Mrs Sat Nav’s constant bleating we ended up down a road some way from where we wanted to be.

This was when our Knight in Shining Armour Mel came to our rescue. I was overtaken by a van with Belgium number plates pipping his horn and pulling up in front of us. My first reaction was What’s up with him ? What have I done wrong now ? Did I cut him up or ignore a one way sign or something ? No, he was pulling us in to help us find the aire. He now lives in Belgium and had until recently had a motorhome of his own. ( Cracking Grommit ! ) he very kindly got us to follow him to the correct spot ( although I did have to ignore the 3 1/2 tonne weight limit posted on the road for when we drove down the cycle track following the canal which eventually led us to the aire alongside the Marina ). Bless you Mel and thanks very much, you are a true British Gentleman ( not many of us left these days ! )

Having arrived and hooked up ( this aire is quite expensive at 25 Euros a night but very handy for town and includes electricity ) we wandered the few hundred metres through the park and into the old and beautiful town centre. The place is my type of heaven, fantastic beer shops and bars along with awesome chocolate shops. ( it’s a good job I don’t live here I would probably be 25 stone ! )


Harvey's new Girlfriend !

Harvey’s new Girlfriend !


Our first stop was a bar / shop  ( really ? ) where we sat outside under a big brolly before it began to rain too heavy once again. This place was even better as I got given a free glass of American Goose Island IPA to try ( had it before but still always nice to get a freebie ! ) thank you Mr Bar fellah.

...and two from the top please Bob !

…and two from the top please Bob !

We continued our stroll round, although this is the third time we have been, there is always a little corner that we discover for the first time. I haven’t taken too many photos as most of you will have seen them all before on our previous blogs.


Blind Dobbin was always getting lost !

Unfortunately Blind Dobbin was always getting lost !


We visited another beer cafe later and knocked another two beers off my list and also several more on visiting a number of shops throughout the day. Once we’d had enough wandering around we called it a day and headed back to “Cis” for the night


Choices ! Choices !

Choices ! Choices !


Red Rum's headcold was getting much worse !

Red Rum’s headcold was getting much worse !



The next day we caught the 10.00 ferry and were safely home by 3.00.Our next adventure with “Cis” is at the end of July when we meet up with our fellow Motorhomer’s Pete & Nina but I don’t as yet no where we will be going

Hope you are still enjoying our escapades and check in again soon for more

TTFN Pat & Jane xx


2 thoughts on “Heritage and Heroes !

  1. Hi Pat,
    Very kind of you to share your Jane wetting incident, it made me smile and made me feel slightly less of a numpty. Although I quite enjoy the random unpredictable incidents that vanning offers, I have learnt to simply chuckle at myself while neck deep in such a situation. Onlookers seems to smile with me then, rather than looking sorrowful 🙂 Onward and upward!

    • Hi Baz
      There will always be something around the corner to trip you up.after swearing and stamping your feet for a moment then look back on it and smile. It always makes good blog material. Nice to see you again yesterday. Keep on trucking

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