Blood Sucking Beasties !

Tuesday 21 June

Having paid the vastly inflated price of 71. 20 Euros at Il Poggetto because they wouldn’t accept the old ACSI card for our two nights stay, we set off in search of things not quite perpendicular. We arrived in Pisa but the address we programmed in for Mrs Sat Nav for the aire was now a bus and car park which didn’t allow motorhomes. ( my fault for using the old book ! ) We Managed to find our way eventually to a place where we could park which was 18 Euros a night but we paid 5 Euros for 6 hours as we didn’t want to stay overnight but wanted just a few hours to look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa etc. This was one of the iconic places I had seen as a boy and wanted to visit once in my lifetime ( done that then ! )

The aire was about a 30 minute walk away to the tower so we took in the small town within the old walls and after walking around the streets and small squares we finally arrived at the tower. The reason it is leaning is because of a large party of “Weightwatchers” who had their annual trip here some years previously !


Those Slim Fast drinks just have no "Body" in them !

Those Slim Fast drinks just have no “Body” in them !


Stop Squabbling Children !

Stop Squabbling Children !


It looked more of a lean in the flesh !

It looked more of a lean in the flesh !


Having had a few hours wandering around here with a coffee and sandwich stop, we headed north towards Palma and Milan and stopped in a little aire in Soragna a few miles off the main Motorway. There is a tap, bins and a water dump but not much else but it is quiet and best of all free gratis !


Terminator 2 goes to a fancy dress party !

Terminator 2 goes to a fancy dress party !


Soragna is a quaint little place with a few nice old buildings and we found a lovely old bar with decent beer where we decompressed for an hour before returning to ” Cis”  and spent the rest of the evening chilling with a nice piece of Salmon for tea. Unfortunately for some reason the Mozzies and whatever other chuffing biting little relatives of Dracula are about and are in the throes of Blood Lust for unsuspecting English folks at the moment ( must like the beer ! ). As I write this I am surrounded by Mozzie coils and citronella candles in a last ditch attempt to try to combat them ! Unfortunately it is still too hot to  venture back into “Cis” to try to hide from them.


Wednesday 22 June

We spent a very hot night tossing and turning as there was very little shade in the aire and are counting up the huge number of bites this morning. we were both wide awake before 6.00 so we set off early and arrived at Camping Waldhort at Reinach near Basle in Switzerland.

Unfortunately we arrived at 12.40 and had to await the reception reopening at 2.00 ( the reception lady was however happy to sell us a bottle of beer during her lunch hours but not to sell us a pitch ! Jubsworth comes to mind ! )

We were going to stay for two nights here but it is a bit like a gypsy campsite with lots of semi permanent caravans that the grass has grown around so have decided just to put up with one night.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay here as the facilities are a bit run down and there seems to be a lot of people who live here and they stare at the interlopers ( must be the quite normal heads we have each got and not the two that they have ! )

We seemed to have been put on the farthest pitch with absolutely no shade ( another hot night coming ! but at least we will have the electric fan on all night ! )

For the pleasure of staying here we paid 44 Swiss Francs for the night ( about £31 ) but that did include the local tax for which we got free traffic into Basle. We however chose not to go in as it is raving hot ( 37 Degrees !! ) and we couldn’t be bothered to leak everywhere in doing so ( Ugh Smelly ! )

We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying the warmth ( but Shade ) and had another nice meal cooked by Jane whilst we awaited the cool of the evening to descend sufficiently to be able to risk going to bed.


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