Swiss weather in Northern Italy !

Wednesday 8 June

Our first impressions of Switzerland is that the reason it is such a beautiful green country with lots of lakes is that it rains all the time. On arrival yesterday it started but fortunately after a while it stopped. This morning at 5.45 we were very rudely awakened by a torrent that continued all through our mornings drive south in Switzerland until we went through the 10 mile Gotthard Tunnel where we were pleasantly surprised to see that not only had it stopped but the sun had got its hat on but remained very sunny and hot for the remainder of most of the day.

We arrived at our next stop which is an aire in the car park of the Fransiscan Monastery named La Certosa di Pavia. This has cost us 15 Euros but includes electricity, Wifi, water and waste and better still it has a decent bar in the corner of it !


The Bar in the car park

The Bar in the car park

After having a quick one to unwind after the journey and opening vents etc to try to keep “Cis” coolish we have a wander down to the village with a pop into another bar believe or not and then popped briefly into the Monastery which was beautiful and better still absolutely free ! ( Why can’t the Church of England take a leaf out of their prayer book ? )


Google Translate comes in for a bashing !

Google Translate comes in for a bashing !


There are seven monks still living here. The building of the Monastery began in 1396 and took two more centuries to complete. You will see from the photos the sculptures on both the outside and inside along with numerous beautiful paintings are here in abundance. The last few photos I took from a book as cameras are not allowed inside

The Monastery from a distance

The Monastery from a distance


La Certosa di Pavia

La Certosa di Pavia


Oy ! Whats going on down there ? !

Oy ! Whats going on down there ? !


leaving the monastery we pop back to the car park bar where we are joined by a Belgium couple Stephan and Anita who have joined us in the aire. we both go back to the respected vans and after tea we have been invited to try an Italian liquor  called Amoro. At this present moment as I update the blog we are in the middle of a tremendous thunderstorm which has been going for 30 minutes or more and does not look like stopping anytime soon.  Free booze or not I am not getting drenched to try it !

Hot update ! Stephen has just come round with his brolley and brought the bottle of Amoro with him.  Oh My God ! Yuk  ! it tasted like bitter cough medicine !  I won’t bother with that again ! need a glass of wine to take away the taste !

Just finishing off the blog now and then battering down the hatches for the night. catch the next one when I next get Wifi.


2 thoughts on “Swiss weather in Northern Italy !

  1. At least it didn’t rain in the tunnel😂
    Just a temporary thing fellow Vanners this rain thing. When you reach the Med you will be skulking in the shadows and praying for rain!
    G & Ts for Jane and Moretti beer await
    Have fun
    Pete & Nina xx

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