A Tale of two Rivers

Wednesday 23 September

We had a three hour drive today which brought us to the beautiful town of Semur en Auxois which is a medieval walled town ( part of which is still standing along with 3 of the original rampart towers. The Town is set at the top of a hill but extends along the valley floor alongside the river Auxois, It is very picturesque and definitely worth a visit for anyone in this part of France.


The view as you approach is stunning but I of course had to keep at least one eye on the road,( I can do Boz eyed though ! ) luckily I managed a better look as we wandered round later. One thing you immediately notice is that they don’t need speed humps going up towards town as once you hit the cobbled road, it does its best to knock all your fillings out. ( It’s like driving with Parkinsons ! )


We park up at the aire which is about a mile out of town near the sports pitches for the local schools. It has all the facilities including free water, dump and a toilet although that is kind of pretty basic.

By the time we walk back into town it is very breezy and cold and very much like a typical autumn day back in the UK. Because of this we take our jackets and look for somewhere to eat lunch. We find a very nice restaurant right at the entrance to the old town and both are in need of something warming, so we choose the dish of the day which was a delicious Beef Bourguignon with Gratin Dauphenois potatoes. It soon did the job of warming us up although the Ice Creams we chose for dessert probably counteracted the effect.


Suitably sated, we continue our wander around the town looking at the walls and old ramparts before descending to the river and along the valley which is also very picturesque.


The 3 Musketeers !

The 3 Musketeers !


Weight Watchers Weigh-ins not allowed !

Weight Watchers Weigh-ins not allowed !


Just a bit of propping up then !

Just a bit of propping up then !

Shady looking character !

Shady looking character !


Look at that Crack !

Look at that Crack !


The Sun Shines over Everyone


After wandering around for a couple of hours and making my trigger finger sore taking way too many photos ( sorry about that folks ! ) we return to “Cis” where there is a bit of sun around albeit trying its hardest to break through the quite thick cloud.

We drag the chairs out with a bottle of Vino and sit alongside the running track hidden from view of the other motorhomes now ensconced in the aire, for an hour before retiring back inside “Cis” and whiling the rest of the evening away

Thursday 24 September

We have an early start this morning as I want to get to Chateau Theirrey for lunchtime to stand some kind of chance of getting in the aire there as it reads quite nice in the Camperstop book.

We arrive at 1.00 having stopped for breakfast, stocked up on wine to take home and filling up with diesel at 1.06 Euros a litre.

The aire is great. It has 11 pitches, all with electric hook up, a really clean modern toilet and shower block, the usual waste and water points, all included in the cost of 11.40 Euros for the night. It is situated alongside the river Marne and there is a McDonalds next door so you can grab free WIFI. ( I’m loving it ! )


Having connected up the electricity and put all the gadgets on charge, ( must be hundreds of them ! ) we stroll alongside the river down into town. Chateau Thierry doesn’t seem to have a lot here but there are some major road junctions  from all around and consequently it is very busy with traffic.

Jay accompanying us on our walk into town

Jay accompanying us on our walk into town


Fishing on a Roundabout !

Fishing on a Roundabout !


I've got my beady eye on you !

I’ve got my beady eye on you !

First World War Monument. Most others destroyed by Nazis in the Second

First World War Monument. Most others destroyed by Nazis in the Second


Hes got a bigger Beer Belly than Me !

He’s got a bigger Beer Belly than Me !


We walk around for an hour or two with a refreshment stop in one of the most boring little café/bars we have ever been in. Even the bar staff were whispering so they didn’t disturb the comatosed customers

Ants on the Ceiling !

Ants on the Ceiling !


Mirror Mirror.. On the Roof !

Mirror Mirror.. On the Roof !


Its a bit Chilly sat up ere

Its a bit Chilly sat up ‘ere


I met a strange Lady... She made me nervous ...

I met a strange Lady… She made me nervous … !!


The weather is a bit chilly again today so after our little jaunt we return to “Cis” so I can catch up on the old blog whilst Jane does a crossword. We intend to have baked Camembert with a nice fresh baguette for tea and spend the rest of the evening just chilling.


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