Watch out ! There’s a Tea leaf about !

Monday 14 September

This mornings early cycle around took me back to St Cyprien but a bit further and out the other side as if heading to Argeles sur Mer before returning back to Le Brasilia for breakfast.

After breakfast I persuaded Jane that St Cyprien was well worth a visit on our bikes and so we both had a steady ride, firstly into Canet plage along the sea front before heading along the lovely wide protected cycle track all the way to St Cyprien stopping briefly at the Fisherman’s village. On arrival at St Cyprien it was Beer O’Clock and so we felt obliged to refresh ourselves whilst resting the old weary legs. We then returned back the same way to Canet plage before finishing back at “Cis”.


St Cyprien Beach

St Cyprien Beach

The central square Canet Plage

The central square Canet Plage

The weather today is warm but cloudy and a little windy so we just chill again on our pitch before cooking a nice bit of steak ( Brought from home, because we think its way better than the French stuff ! ) on my gizmo once more and settled down inside when the Mozzies decided it was time for them to come out for their tea.

Unfortunately on returning back to the campsite I realized that some miserable git had nicked by bike pump when I had parked it up at St Cyprien. A lousy end to a lovely day !  Hope for no punctures for the rest of the trip ! ( If you see any one in a striped jumper carry a bag of Swag, give them a slap from me ! )

Tuesday 15 September

Went a bit further on my bike this morning and went the opposite way to which I have been going and went all the way to Perpignan. The wind is up again this morning and was a bit of a battle on the bike but I managed to get there. I had a very quick look around before returning back for Brekkie.

On the way back I was fortunate enough to see a family of Otters or Beavers. Not sure which but they are much bigger than water voles, washing themselves on the edge of a little river that I passed. Magic !

Otter or Beaver ? still cute though

Otter or Beaver ? still cute though


After breakfast and because the sun isn’t likely to pop its head out today we decide to catch the bus into Perpignan. This is preceded by a quick trip on the little tourist train which takes us up to where we catch the bus to Perpignan

Having arrived in Perpignan we jumped on another tourist train and spend an hour being shuttled between all the tourist sites. Very Kitsch but it gave us an idea of where we wanted to wander around later.

Our little tourist train

Our little tourist train


Hes off his head !

He’s off his head !


Not as long as the Great Wall of China !

Not as long as the Great Wall of China !


An aging Superman struggles to get out of Kryptonite !

An aging Superman struggles to get out of Kryptonite !


Once we’d done on the train we went straight for lunch because as you know from our previous adventures in France, All the restaurants shut after 2.00 and it’s a struggle to find anywhere to eat later than that. The restaurant we chose was in Argo square in the centre and we both had a nice piece of Hake with rice and a mild curry sauce which was delicious.

Nice lunch stop

Nice lunch stop

Having eaten lunch we had more of an explore around. Perpignan is a typical French city but there are some nice historic parts worth a look. This kept us out of any shops anyway Result !


Pigeon having a shower

Pigeon having a shower

You go straight on at the crossroads and then turn right ...

You go straight on at the crossroads and then turn right …


Shes having a Ball !

She’s having a Ball !


Stag Night !

Stag Night !


Does my Bum look big in this ?

Does my Bum look big in this ?


Hello Sailor... I love you long time !

Hello Sailor… I love you long time !


Once we’d had enough with Perpignan we returned into Canet Plage along the main front and settled for a drink inside a cafe but open to the fresh air as it was now really windy and grey and we needed a bit of shelter for a bit.

We caught the last tourist train back to the campsite and sat out for a while on Mozzie watch before retiring for the night.


2 thoughts on “Watch out ! There’s a Tea leaf about !

  1. Lovely, but a pity about ‘Ganiffs’ my language (well the only one I can use here) Tea Leafs are that hey are everywhere – send em down! What do you say

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