Chilling out with a Cold One down in Collioure

Wednesday 16 September

We were greeted this morning on awaking by a grey and windy outlook and so we decided  once more to have a trip out rather than stop on the campsite. We decided upon Collioure which is a very picturesque fishing town further down the coast before Spain and at the foothills of the Pyrenees.


To get to Collioure from Le Brasilia was a bit of a palaver as it meant first cycling to the bus stop ( as we had left it a little too late to walk ! ) followed by the bus to the train station and then train from their to Collioure. ( Took all the portable bits off our bikes in case  “Monsieur Le Tealeaf” is about again and chained them up well to a fence ! )

On our final arrival at Collioure we were met by hoards of people as it was market day and they’d bus them in by their hundreds. ( It was like Geriatric Mardi Gras ! ) We did manage to have a good look around though without too much jostling for bargains and avoiding the zimmer frame brigade. The town was very pretty as we’d heard and certainly worth the bit of an effort getting here. The only problem was some stupid numpty had forgotten to charge his camera and therefore had to resort to using Jane’s Iphone to take today’s accompanying photos, hope they’re alright as I’m not very adept with an Iphone ( what a Wally ! )


Someone's Thirsty !

Someone’s Thirsty !


We had a pleasant hour looking out over the beach in the by now glorious sunshine ( I was getting a little hot under the collar ) with a nice cold beer admiring the spectacular view. This was followed by further perambulation attempting to fathom out how to use Jane’s phone to the best of my beginners ability to grab a few decent photos.

No Dont do it Ted !

No Don’t do it Ted !


Barbies House

Barbie’s House


Cracking name for a street Gromit !

Cracking name for a street Gromit !

IMG_0800 (1)

Having finished off in Collioure we did a reverse of the journey back ( Bikes were thankfully still there untouched ! ) and had tea and chilled back at “Cis” before calling it a night



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