Welcome One and All !

Hi Blog Followers

For those who have been following this Blog since I started it will notice the format has been changed. This is as a result that it was reported that sometimes it was difficult to follow the order that posts were done in the previous format.

I started the Blog in August 2013 and you will find posts in date order from then. We actually started travelling in our van “Cis” back in April 2012 and those trips are recorded as Pages which can be found in the section ” Trips made before August 2013″ above and are in alphabetical order from a to m in the dates that we took them

You will find information about ourselves, “Cis”, Why we have done the Blog and BeersĀ above as well

Click on the “Recent Posts” below to see what we have been up to or click on “Archives” for older posts.

If you visit the Blog, please leave a comment so we know you have been.

You can also “Follow” us so you will receive an email when we produce a Post, click “Follow” below for that option.

I hope you enjoy our irreverent journeys and realise we don’t take ourselves or our trips too seriously, simply getting the most out of our fortunate position to be able to travel around as much as we can.



4 thoughts on “Welcome One and All !

  1. Steven sent me the link today Pat, pictures are amazing! I especially like the little life guard but I’m a bit bias! Thanks again for a great few days, love to jane x

  2. Hello Pat. this is Hans. We met just an hour ago at the rainy dutch windmills.
    I hope you and your nikon made it back not all too wet.
    nice to have met you and hope to keep touch.
    by the way.. I post at 500px.com/. Just look for Hans E.
    Maybe one day you want to visit germany. We would be happy to show you some nice sunrises and sunsets in saxony.


    • Hi Hans, nice to meet you too. Hope you are dried out by now ! I look forward to looking at your images. We are moving from Holland into Germany, down to the Mosel and into Bavaria. is that anywhere near Saxony ? Keep taking those photos. Cheers Pat

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